Elevated lead found contaminating ground cinnamon spice

April 18, 2024

Pantry STAPLE could be hiding a TOXIC secret

It’s something most of us probably have on our pantry shelves or in our spice racks…

As we sprinkle it into our bowls of oatmeal… and onto our cappuccinos. 

When we bake with it, it fills the whole house with its comforting, warm scent. 

But according to an URGENT warning just issued by the feds… it could be hiding a TOXIC secret!

See, the FDA has sounded the alarm that no fewer than SIX brands of ground cinnamon have been found with elevated levels of lead.

Even a SMALL amount of lead contamination is a BIG deal… because PROLONGED exposure to this heavy metal can lead to a buildup in your bloodstream. 

In fact, lead poisoning often DOESN’T occur all at once… but over the course of months or even years. 

You could have NO IDEA it’s happening… even as it ALTERS your mood… DRAINS your brainpower… causes pain… and more. 

For some folks, it can even be DEADLY. 

And when it comes down to it, there’s NO safe level of lead exposure. Period. 

Now, the feds haven’t received any reports of lead poisoning from these cinnamon brands… but that doesn’t mean nobody’s been harmed yet. 

To make sure no FURTHER harms happen moving forward… officials have recommended that the spice makers RECALL their cinnamon. 

Problem is, recalls like these are often VOLUNTARY. That means you might still find them on store shelves. 

The brands in question are La Fiesta, Marcum, MK, Swad, Supreme Tradition, and El Chilar. If you find these in your cabinets… throw them out. 

These brands are most often found at “discount” stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and more. I’m thinking if these were “cheap” versions of ground cinnamon… their makers may have cut a few corners along the way. 

A more expensive, more high-quality version of the spice MIGHT be safer… but not necessarily.

But according to a 2021 exposé, MOST of the spices tested by Consumer Reports… including well-known, non-budget brands… raised concern over their levels of not only lead… 

But also arsenic and cadmium, two other TOXIC heavy metals. 

That was true even if they were labeled as “organic”… and whether they were imported or domestic. 

Now, the sad truth is that a little lead is likely to sneak into our food supply… and slip through the cracks of FDA regulation. 

But there ARE some things you can do to control your level of exposure – starting with your drinking water supply. 

If you’re drinking from the tap, make sure you regularly test your water supply for lead and other contaminants. 

Don’t drink hot water out of the faucet… as the higher the temperature, the more likely the lead is to leach out of the pipes. 

Fortunately, you can filter lead out using reverse osmosis… or you can drink distilled water in glass bottles. 

If you reduce your lead exposure in all the ways you have control over… then the risks of accidentally consuming a spice that’s tainted with it could be lower than if your blood lead levels are ALREADY elevated.

For better health, 

Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.


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