Microscopic pieces of plastic discovered in arteries, linked to heart events and death

April 12, 2024

Could your arteries be CLOGGED with plastic? [Urgent warning]

Your doc keeps NAGGING you about it…

And he WON’T lay off… not until he’s got you on every Rx drug within reach. 

It’s your arteries.

And whether it’s got to do with your blood pressure… or your HDL and LDL levels…

He’s got numbers he’s HELL BENT on you hitting. 

He’ll try to SCARE you out of eating the foods you love… like eggs, full fat dairy, or even meat…

For fear that cholesterol will CLOG your arteries… and BLOCK life-saving blood from reaching parts of your body where it needs to go. 

Now, it’s NOT as simple as that when it comes to your artery health… especially since blood levels of cholesterol don’t necessarily reflect how much your vessels might STIFFEN or NARROW.

And there’s something ELSE that could be BOTTLENECKING your blood flow – something your doc might’ve NEVER thought to warn you about. 

According to the latest research, tiny shards of PLASTIC are being found in fatty layers removed from the vessel linings of patients.

And there could be ENOUGH lodged in there to JACK UP your heart disease risk… and even put you in an early grave. 

In one study out of Italy, plastic pieces were found in some folks’ carotid artery. Those are the arteries on either side of your neck that you check your pulse with.

And when that happened… the patients’ saw a 4.5X HIGHER risk of heart attack, stroke, or DYING within the next three years, compared the plastic-free study subjects.

Now, we know that microscopic bits of plastic (a.k.a. “microplastics”) have been found in the bloodstream… and in vital organs, like the lungs.

They could even cross the blood-brain barrier, which could open the door to losing your precious memories. 

But this is the first time we’ve heard about miniscule particles actually WEDGING themselves into the arteries themselves.

Problem is, once they get there… they help UNLEASH inflammation…


Including inflammatory proteins associated with atherosclerosis (a.k.a. “hard arteries”)… and even heart failure. 

Unfortunately, plastics are a sad fact of our modern society… and they’re nearly IMPOSSIBLE to avoid altogether. 

But there are certain things you can do to REDUCE your exposure. 

Start by DITCHING the bottled water. As we recently found out, those plastic bottles are harboring FAR MORE plastic particles than ANYBODY previously thought. 

Next, move on to OTHER areas of your fridge and pantry… like your storage containers. SWAP plastic for glass… and NEVER microwave one of those plastic take-out containers or even a piece of Tupperware. 

And while you’re at it, NEVER buy food or drink that’s packaged in plastic… whether it’s a bag, a bottle, a cling wrap, or a Styrofoam container. 

But don’t stop there.

One thing I noticed in this latest study is that the plastic wasn’t found in the artery walls themselves… but embedded in the “plaques” that had accumulated in the artery linings. 

Now, we know that plastics LOVE fat – in fact, they’re DRAWN to it. They’ve even been shown to COLLECT in whale blubber!

So, you’ll want to make a CLEAN SWEEP of your arteries… just to be sure you’re not ATTRACTING plastics to them like moths to a flame. 

But don’t do it by taking statins. 

Instead, one of the BEST ways to SCRUB the insides of your arteries is by following the Mediterranean diet. 

This dietary approach helps NEUTRALIZE oxidative stress… which contributes to atherosclerosis (especially when your LDL cholesterol becomes OXIDIZED).

In pursuit of the truth,

Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

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