Vitamin B3 (a.k.a. niacin) reduces death in fatty liver patients

April 14, 2024

‘Liver vitamin’ could keep you OUT of an early grave

Nine times out of 10, if you’re carrying around enough extra weight to be considered “obese”…

You’ve got THIS disease. 

It strikes as many as A QUARTER of Americans.

And while it can be DEADLY all on its own…

It’s also tied in with cardiovascular disease… metabolic disease… type 2 diabetes… and more.

I’m talking about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (or NAFLD for short). 

That’s right – the kind of liver disease you can get even if you NEVER touch a drop of the stuff.

Now, remember that your liver is a “workhorse organ” that plays a VITAL role in digestion, filtration, and absorption. 

When it becomes OVERWHELMED by excess fat… it could lead to SERIOUS liver damage, including scarring (a.k.a. fibrosis)… 

And even LIFE-THREATENING conditions. 

But there’s a way to make NAFLD less lethal…

And you won’t believe how SIMPLE it is. 

It involves a humble B vitamin – one you can get for just PENNIES a day. 

It’s vitamin B3, a.k.a. niacin. 

Now, we know that obesity could lead to NAFLD… and all that excess weight can HINDER your body’s ability to absorb vitamins properly. 

Liver dysfunction can ALSO sabotage your vitamin absorption…

But the GOOD news is that in a new study out of China, subjects who consumed the MOST niacin had a 30% lower risk of heart death than those who consumed the LEAST. 

The upper end of the niacin group also had a 35% lower risk of death from any cause. 

Now, these amounts were measured based on what the study participants ate – a.k.a. dietary sources of niacin, not supplements. 

It appeared as though the “magic number” was around 20 mg of niacin daily. 

You can get that by consuming healthy amounts of red meat… poultry… brown rice… nuts and seeds… bananas… and even good ol’ liver and onions. 

And getting plenty of niacin has also been shown to help EASE the symptoms of NAFLD… 

even helping to MELT excess fat away…

BANISH inflammation…

And keep fibrosis at bay. 

Now, this is one nutrient you DON’T want to overdo it on… as doses in the 1000-mg range could actually DAMAGE your liver.

You’d only get that much niacin by taking supplements – which some folks don’t like to do because of a side effect known as the “niacin flush” (or temporary reddening of the skin and an intense feeling of heat). 

You can AVOID that “flushing” by taking slow-release (a.k.a. “sustained-release” or “timed-release”) niacin tablets…

But again, you’ll want to make sure you keep your dosage within a range that’s safe for your liver. 

Niacin has also shown to increase glucose levels… so if you’re already diabetic, it may not be the best option for you.

If you’re not sure… check with your doc, as you should before starting up ANY new regimen. 

For better health,

Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.


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